Short-Term Health Insurance Plan

Short-term health insurance is designed to protect against unexpected medical expenses and accidents for a period of time. Coverage starts within one business day.
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Insurance Now!

If you are between your long-term health plan then a short-term medical plan is a great option. Coverage starts within one business day, you can enroll anytime of the year, and they have great low rates.

Short-Term Medical coverage is a great option if you are:

  • In between jobs
  • Waiting for the next open enrollment season
  • Not yet eligible for Medicare
  • Not eligible for Obamacare
  • Not eligible for Medicaid
  • Without employer health coverage

Short-term coverage does not meet Minimal Essential Coverage required under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), you may still be subject to a tax penalty under the ACA, short-term plans are not required to cover pre-existing conditions or essential health benefits.