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Many purchase dental insurance in order to help pay the costs associated with dental care. The different types of plans include; individual, family, or group plans and the three main coverage types are Indemnity, Preferred, and PPO. Many dental plans will cover preventative, restorative, and major procedures. When signing up for a plan keep your needs in mind in order to choose correctly.

Indemnity Dental Insurance Plan: The Indemnity plan is good for those who want to stay with their current dentist even though the dentist may not participate in a dental network. This plan will still pay a percentage of your bill and you can choose any dentist.

Dental Health Maintenance Organization (DHMO): A DHMO plan is a dental plan that has a set fee schedule. This plan provides the customer with a reduced cost if the customer sees and in-network dentist.

Participating Provider Network (PPO): A PPO dental plan is somewhat like a DHMO but it also allows the customer to use dentist who are out of network. There may be additional fees for this feature.